Mentoring Survivors

Survivors who desire to be survivor advocates need to be prepared to assist in purposeful planning, sharing ideas, and advocacy that is timely --  for today.  It is Survivor Speak‚Äôs goal to encourage, support and enable survivors to be prepared and knowledgeable about these needs, to understand the gaps and barriers to success, and to be aware of coalitions, agencies, and all decision makers who can help survivors play a key role in leading the anti-trafficking movement.

Our Workshops

Survivor Speak workshops and programs enable care providers, law enforcement, community volunteers, survivors, and family members to readily recognize and address the state of "survivor mode" that victims experience. These uniqe programs were developed by a survivor, who experienced symptoms of dissociation and other behaviors, and realized these issues are rarely addressed, often misinterpreted, or handled superficially with survivors. Survivor Speak programs equip participants with practical and appropriate tools to facilitate sustainable, positive changes.

Act now

Survivor Speak is a brand new non-profit 501(c)(3) organization operating primarily in Portland to provide a unique approach to helping exploited and sex trafficked women. Donating money to set the crucial foundation of Survivor Speak will go a long way in making us successful. Your tax-deductible gift will fund our mission and have a positive impact on all people in our community. We appreciate your generosity.