Survivor Leadership Training for Survivors of Sex Trafficking and Exploitation

  • Lewiston, ME

Participants of this training will:

  • Understand how Maine is responding to the issue of sex trafficking and exploitation, including which agencies and people are involved.
  • Learn about the valuable role survivors play in anti-trafficking work.
  • Discover what you as an individual survivor has to contribute to these efforts.
  • Create goals and next steps for your role as a survivor leader.
  • Connect with other survivor leaders to expand your network, support system and friendships.

This training is free and for survivors only. Child care and transportation costs available. 12 participants maximum.

Facilitator: dee Clarke, Founder, Survivor Speak.

The mission of Survivor Speak is to provide education, advocacy and mentoring for exploited and sex trafficked survivors. This one-day training is for all survivors at any point in their healing and recovery. It is an opportunity to reflect on your role as a survivor in anti-trafficking work, learn about the response to trafficking in Maine and connect with other survivors.

All survivors are welcome. Only requirement to participate is a history of sex trafficking and/or exploitation and sobriety. Those of us who have medical assisted recovery meds are
welcome. If you are interested in participating contact dee Clarke to 207-408-1778.

This training is made possible through a collaboration of Survivor Speak and the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault.